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Virgin Money - Opening of the Manchester Money Lounge

Virgin Money Launch

Virgin Money spherical projection was designed for the opening of the Virgin Money Manchester launch
If you want people to stop and really say WOW- cool content on spheres is the best & must choice and we are the best ones to deliver it!

Spherical projection looks really cool and it’s definitely an eye catching display.
The spheres come in different sizes so you can choose from 60cm  to 3 metre diameter spheres. With their imposing presence it is really hard not to notice them and stop just to admire them. This is the ideal scenario for every promotion- to capture the targeted audience and get devoted viewer attention to communicate the message.

To have something so attention grabbing it is really important to have really cool content to promote your product. We were approached to create that really cool content for Virgin Media and from the Virgin Money campaign take the key objectives and create content that really stands out. Promotion was rolled out for the opening of the new branch in Manchester.

To create something exciting and fulfil the 3D dimensions of the spheres we decided to create a lot of cool animated 3D content in order to capture viewer’s attention.


Case Study

  • Background

    Create for an Entrepeneur

    We love cool things and spheres are just cool. So when we were approached to create content for spheres for Virgin Money – we thought great!  Great name, great brand to be associated with – let’s do something special.
  • Challenge

    Be quick and slick

    On this project the main challenge was limited time for production. To deliver something really special it takes time, time to think, sketch, visualise. All these unique details that are seen in the final content take time to create to attain a sleek and seamless look. Our task was to create this and deliver the final product in a matter of days. We worked round the clock and delivered !!
  • Our approach

    Creative and keen

    We were keen and dedicated to deliver something special, looking very cool- so we imputed a lot of hours, passion and skill in what we do the best, design, animate and make things happen.
    Combining everything together we delivered a head turning piece of content – watch the video !
  • Solution

    Caffine works

    The only possible solution was to lock the team in the studio, draw, sketch, design, 3D model and 3D animate till everything was perfect. Quite a few sleepless nights and cups of coffee but we did it – from start and storyboard to finished content production and delivery including changes by clients preferences- 5days.


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